Best Places to Live in Guam

Guam is a picturesque island stretching thirty miles consisting of stunning scenery, lush, green forestry, and beautiful, rolling hills. Living on this island is akin to living in a little slice of paradise as residents can soak up the tropical sunshine and sit along the white-sand beaches along the Pacific Ocean coastline. 

Some of the very best places to live in Guam include:

  • Barrigada
  • Dededo
  • Tamuning
  • Inarajan
  • Mangilao

This article is going to provide you with a deeper look at what life is like in these fantastic villages and offer a glimpse at the coveted island living lifestyle. 


Demographic: Families

Population: 8,875

Region: Central Guam

Median Cost of Real Estate: $624,000

Barrigada is a very affluent and quiet neighborhood found at the very heart of the island. The village is mostly residential and includes a small commercial district consisting of a quaint selection of entertainment and dining options fit for all ages. 

The Admiral Nimitz Golf Course is the pride and joy of the Barrigada village offering a full, eighteen-hole course, driving range, putting and chipping practice, and a fully equipped pro shop. The course offers special programs fit for all ages including family specials and golf clinics.

The higher altitude of the village provides sweeping views out over the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport as well as the vast ocean horizon surrounding the island. The more luxurious, upscale homes of Barrigada are set into the hills of the village and offer the most scenic and breathtaking views out over the island. In the evening, locals can gaze out over some of the more populous villages, taking in the humble, yet stunning, city lights. 

Within twenty minutes, Barrigada residents can access the Andersen Air Force Base located in Yigo and the Navy Base in Santa Rita. For a larger selection of dining and entertainment options, a ten-minute drive will bring locals to Downtown Tamuning and the Micronesian Mall found in the neighboring Dededo. 

There are two elementary schools that serve the students of Barrigada:

  • B.P. Carbullido Elementary School (kindergarten-fifth grade)
  • Pedro C. Lujan Elementary School (kindergarten-fifth grade)

There is one middle school that serves the students of Barrigada:

  • Luis P. Untalan Middle School (sixth-eighth grade)

There is one high school that serves the students of Barrigada:

  • Tiyan High School (ninth-twelfth grade)

Alternatively, there is one private school available to the students of Barrigada:

  • The Protestant Harvest Christian Academy (kindergarten-twelfth grade)

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Demographic: Military Families

Population: 46,000

Region: North Guam

Median Cost of Real Estate: $348,000

As the most populous village found within Guam, Dededo is home to approximately 46,000 people. This affordable neighborhood can be found on the beautiful coral plateau, a relatively flat stretch of limestone, in northern Guam and is made up of approximately thirty square miles. 

The main demographic found in Dededo is young military families. Many members of the U.S. Air Force and their families reside in the area due to the proximity to the Andersen Air Force Base, which is located in the neighboring village of Yigo, just 7.5 miles northeast of the village. 

Dededo is home to the headquarters for the Guam National Wildlife Refuge, which was established in 1993 and is dedicated to providing a home to a number of endangered species. Guests can visit this 1,217-acre facility free of charge and view a variety of native wildlife including unique flora and fauna found nowhere else. Visitors can enjoy more than two miles of exotic jungle trails, beautiful white-sand beaches connected to crystal clear waters, and ancient caves that have remained untouched since the seventeenth century. 

Dededo is no stranger to fun and excitement! The village is home to the Micronesia Mall, Guam’s largest shopping center, which features movie theaters as well as an exciting amusement park. On the weekends, Guam residents flock to the area to indulge in the ever-popular flea market to shop for local produce and hand-crafted goods. 

A variety of parks, trails, and beaches will delight nature enthusiasts residing in Dededo. The beaches include Tanguisson Beach, Shark Cove Beach, Haputo Beach, and Urono Beach. All of these beautiful destinations offer stretches of white sand and are popular getaways for locals and visitors alike. 

The elementary schools available to Dededo students include:

  • Astumbo Elementary School (kindergarten-fifth grade)
  • Finegayan Elementary School (prekindergarten-fifth grade)
  • Juan M. Guerrero Elementary School (prekindergarten-fifth grade)
  • Liguan Elementary School (kindergarten-fifth grade)
  • Wettengel Elementary School (prekindergarten-fifth grade)

The middle schools available to Dededo students include:

  • Astumbo Middle School (sixth-eighth grade)
  • Vicente S. A. Benavente Middle School (sixth-eighth grade)

The high school available to Dededo students is:

  • Okkodo High School (ninth-twelfth grade)

The private schools available to Dededo students include:

  • Santa Barbara Catholic School (prekindergarten-eighth grade)
  • St. Paul’s Christian School 
  • Pacific Christian Academy (prekindergarten-twelfth grade) 

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Demographic: Working Professionals 

Population: 19,685

Region: West Guam

Median Cost of Real Estate: $381,500

Tamuning is considered to be the economic center of Guam and can be found along the western shore of the island. The village consists of the tourist district, Tumon, the Harmon Industrial Park, and a number of other popular commercial districts creating a heavy flow of traffic throughout the main streets. 

Tamuning is also home to the only civilian and government-operated hospital as well as Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport. The United Airlines headquarters can be found within one of the terminal buildings at the airport and offers approximately 1,400 jobs, making the airline one of Guam’s largest employers. 

On top of all the commercial and industrial success found in Tamuning, the village is also home to five separate consulates including Japan, Palau, Philippines, South Korea, and the Federated States of Micronesia. Needless to say, Tamuning is one of the more diverse villages found on the island. 

Tamuning residents are also treated to a variety of excellent shopping centers, including the Guam Premier Outlets, one of the top, major shopping centers in all of Guam. Everything from upscale designers such as Louis Vitton, and Rolex to locally owned and operated family shops can be found within the busy shopping district. 

A number of fabulous restaurants and familiar franchises can be found among the vibrant shops and plazas of Tamuning and a heavy Asian influence can be found at the various noodle houses and sushi bars. Popular restaurant names that locals can enjoy include the Hard Rock Cafe, Outback Steakhouse, Planet Hollywood, and TGI Fridays. 

There are three elementary schools found within the Tamuning borders:

  • Chief Brodie Memorial Elementary School (prekindergarten-fifth grade) 
  • L.B. Johnson Elementary School (prekindergarten-first grade)
  • Tamuning Elementary School (second-fifth grade)

There is one middle school found within the Tamuning borders:

  • Jose L. G. Rios Middle School (sixth-eighth grade)

There is one high school found within the Tamuning borders:

  • John F. Kennedy High School (ninth-twelfth grade)

For those seeking an alternative to public schools, Tamuning offers two private school options:

  • St. John's School (prekindergarten-twelfth grade)
  • Saint Anthony Catholic School (prekindergarten-eighth grade) 

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Demographic: Retirees

Population: 2,273

Region: South East Guam

Median Cost of Real Estate: $529,100

Found along the southeastern coast of Guam, Inarjan is one of the most historic villages on the island, predating the Spanish discovery in 1521. The area boasts a rich history and is heavily influenced by the Spanish culture. As the site of the Apollo tracking station and many historic caves featuring delicate paintings, there is plenty to discover in this culturally exceptional village. 

Home to the famous Chief Gadao, Inarajan already had a sizable population by the late 1800s and was more established than any other village on the island with close to 800 people living within the village. As a whole, Inarajan has been deemed an Historic Place on the National Register and many visit to educate themselves in the interesting heritage of this fantastic region. 

This quiet, seaside village is an excellent place for those seeking the perfect place to retire. With little to no commercial traffic, locals can focus on the beauty of the natural surroundings and soak up the history and culture that the community has to offer. The tranquil setting includes the scenic ocean coastline, breathtaking waterfalls, and lush, tropical forests. 

A day out in the beautiful Guam sunshine includes a variety of natural beauties in Inarajan. The Agfayan Bay is a beautiful, natural rock formation often called “Bear rock” due to the resemblance of a massive bear soaking up the sun. The Salaglula Pool is a collection of natural seawater pools, popular for a refreshing swim. The picturesque Talofofo Falls are a must-see, found at the top of gently rolling hills. Outdoor enthusiasts have no shortage of beautiful sights to take in when meandering around Inarajan. 

There is one elementary school that provides education to Inarajan students:

  • Inarajan Elementary School (prekindergarten-fifth grade)

There is one middle school that provides education to Inarajan students:

  • Inarajan Middle School (sixth-eighth grade)

There is one high school that provides education to Inarajan students:

  • Southern High School (ninth-twelfth grade)

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Demographic: Students/Working Professionals

Population: 15,191

Region: East Guam

Median Cost of Real Estate: $360,000

Nestled along the eastern shoreline, the ideal location for those seeking dramatic views out over the ocean along Pago Bay, sits Mangilao. The area was one of the last villages to be established on the island and features a thriving agricultural industry. The major crops that are farmed in and around Mangilao include tapioca, cassava, corn, mongo beans, tomatoes, peppers, and beans. 

Mangilao is often considered Guam’s “Capital of Education” due to the excellent educational options found within the village. The University of Guam, the Guam Community College, and Pacific Islands Bible College are all located in this new village and each school has been thriving for many years, bringing in thousands of students with every passing year.  

As well as the educational institutions and the agricultural lands, Mangilao is home to several governmental agencies. This includes the Department of Public Health and Social Services, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Corrections, and the Department of Youth Affairs. It’s not hard to understand why so many island residents choose to live in the area to work. 

Several excellent recreational opportunities are available to those who reside in this delightful village. Eagle Field is perfect for leisurely and competitive sports, hosting several youth football leagues. The field is also used as a landing site for several private skydiving companies. Golfers can venture over to Onward Mangilao Golf Club, home of a scenic, eighteen-hole course. Thousand Steps is a set of public-access, concrete steps that leads to the beautiful beach at Mangilao Golf Club. Those who take on the stairs are treated to sensational views out over the Pacific Ocean. 

Mangilao is home to two elementary schools: 

  • Captain Henry B. Price Elementary School (prekindergarten-fifth grade)
  • Pedro C. Lujan Elementary School (prekindergarten-fifth grade)

Mangilao is home to two middle schools:

  • Agueda Johnston Middle School (sixth-eighth grade)
  • Luis P. Untalan Middle School (sixth-eighth grade)

Mangilao is home to one high school:

  • George Washington High School (ninth-twelfth grade)

Mangilao is home to two private schools:

  • Father Dueñas Memorial School (ninth-twelfth grade)
  • The Japanese School of Guam (first-ninth grade) 

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These villages are just a sample of the fabulous residential areas found along the island of Guam. If you’re considering any of these exceptional neighborhoods, you can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Each area offers its own unique style and set of amenities, but every one of them offers the ultimate island experience for your own private paradise!