Things To Do With Kids in Guam

Guam may be famed for its military bases rather than its tourism sector, but this beautiful tropical island is a hidden paradise for families to sneak away to on vacation. The Micronesian nation offers beautiful white beaches, exotic wildlife, and fascinating culture and history.

Naturally, many vacationers go there to enjoy all of the aquatic activities Guam has to offer, and it is well-known amongst people who visit the island that it has some of the best diving spots in the world. Mesmerizing coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks lie beneath the surface, forming colorful and exciting underwater worlds that are abundant with marine life. Above the surface, water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, and paddle boarding provide everyone with plenty of fun in the sun. Best of all, if you’re from the US, there's no need to bring your passport to visit this official American territory! 

If you have a family that’s not afraid to take on adventures and loves everything to do with the ocean, then Guam is the perfect paradise for you. Below, we have listed several great spots to visit with the kids and activities to do that include both aquatic activities and other forms of fun!

Ypao Beach Park

255 Gun Beach Rd, Tumon, Guam

This beautiful beach is located right next to one of the largest public parks in Tamuning/Tumon and is also an archeological site. Ypao Beach Park is an extremely popular spot among tourists who like to experience the beauty of island nature. Additionally, it is a great place for picnics and family gatherings. 

At Ypao Beach Park, you can take long walks on the white sand beaches or go snorkeling in the pristine waters of the sea and discover the beautiful corals underwater. This gorgeous sandy beach also has areas nearby where you can play sports, a playground for the kids, and public restrooms. In addition to all of this, the beach park also conducts events and concerts that are held regularly. 

There are several lifeguards at this beach that keep a close eye on anyone who enters the water, meaning parents can feel a bit safer about bringing their kids to swim here. An additional bonus is that this beach has no entrance fees and visitors are allowed to bring their own food and drink for picnics! Just make sure to clean up after yourself so you can help to keep the beach and the ocean a clean and safe place for everyone to enjoy. 

Ypao Beach, Guam

Fish Eye Marine Park 

818 N Marine Corps Drive, Piti, Guam

(671) 475-7777

Fish Eye Marine Park will have you and the kids marveling at an array of aquatic animals without getting your feet wet. The underwater bunker features 24 panoramic windows so visitors can observe the local marine life under the sea; no need to wear a snorkel or a wetsuit at this underwater attraction.

To spice up the experience, bring some bread to feed the fish from the dock above or join a cruise to check out wild dolphins swimming in the ocean. The marine park is particularly popular with younger children, who will love being able to experience a more authentic underwater world than your everyday aquarium.

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Encore Magic Theater

Fiesta Resort Guam 801 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon, Guam

(671) 647-7227

Bring the whole family here to experience hilarious comedy routines, death-defying stunts, and unbelievable illusions that will have everyone on the edge of their seats. This famous magic show has become a must-see attraction in Guam since its opening night in 2016. The state-of-the-art theatre within the Fiesta Resort sets the stage for the stars of the show: a magician, a silent comedian, a circus performer, and a white lion named Rio.

The magic show has a strong focus on audience participation, so don’t be surprised if one of the performers invites you to come on stage! Encore is one of the top performances available to see in Guam, and is particularly popular among children who love this hour-long show. There’s plenty of entertainment for the adults as well, however, making it a truly all-ages event.

Circus in Guam

Tao Tao Tasi Dinner Show

1199 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon, Guam

(671) 646-8000

This dinner show is hands-down the most popular dinner show on the whole island and is a great experience for people of all ages! The stage is set up in front of the beach, and the spectacular performance includes ancient Chamorro warriors, Polynesian dancers, and sword and fire dancing.

The experience is made even more amazing by the one-of-a-kind, purpose-built theater set directly on the beach with an incredible ocean view. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime Guam experience that’s perfect for the entire family, including young children.

There are two package options available to purchase, one being the standard package and the other being the VIP package. The dinner buffet is available at an extra cost and consists of an assortment of different types of barbecued meats, vegetables, and fruits, among many more options!

Ride the Ducks Guam

1199 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tamuning, Guam

(671) 646-8000

Ride the Ducks is Guam’s newest sightseeing adventure on land or sea. In contrast to most sight-seeing tours that take place in a van or tour bus and can easily become boring to kids with short attention spans, Ride the Ducks Guam is the most family fun you’ll ever have. This amazing experience is currently the most highly recommended sightseeing tour on the island. 

The “ducks” from Ride the Ducks Guam are open-air amphibious sightseeing vehicles that are built using modern technology and safety equipment. Hop aboard this unique way of traveling for the best tour your family will ever experience! 

Roll down rain screens make this sight-seeing tour suitable for any kind of weather, so even if it is a rainy day, you and your family can still get out and experience the island. The Ride the Duck tour brings you around to Guam’s historic sights on land and then they continue into the beautiful Guam ocean. 

Multi-language audio guides ensure that you and your family will have a fun and educational time learning about Guam’s culture and history while enjoying the best sight-seeing ride of your life. While at sea, you will learn about the beauty of Guam’s ocean, and children may even have a chance to drive the boat! Ride the Ducks Guam is a great experience for the entire family that will create memories to last a lifetime. 

Ride The Duck Tour


No matter what you and your family decide to do, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable trip if you choose to come to Guam. With all there is to do, the only reason you’ll ever have to spend a day in your hotel room watching TV is if you decide to take a day off from all the fun in the sun. 

So, next time you’re trying to decide where to go for your next family vacation, consider visiting Guam for a trip that you and your family will look back on fondly for the rest of your lives!

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