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In recent years, the foreign cuisine industry has grown at an exponential rate. As more and more cultures expand to accept less-traditional dishes onto restaurant menus, dining guests now have more choice than ever before over what kind of meal they would like to have at the end of a long day.

Guam is easily a prime example of this growing culture. An island that is, at its core, very much a culture of meat and rice dishes, also has started to expand its’ cuisine with new restaurants now serving tastes of Asia, Europe, and America, whilst also bringing these dishes together in new and unique combinations.

One business that has accepted this evolution in the food industry better than any other is Pika’s Café, one of the absolute pinnacles of fine dining in Guam.


Who Are The Owners?

Pika’s Café was established and is still run by Pika and Lenny Fejeran, who are husband and wife as well as business partners.

Prior to opening their café in Guam, the couple had lived in the United States for over a decade. However, opting to go back to their roots, they decided to return to Guam to ‘give back’ to their fellow islanders and locally owned businesses.

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When Was The Café Established?

The current version of Pika’s Café was established in 2010 in Star Building, Upper Tumon.

However, prior to this version of the café, the Fejerans originally ran a smaller restaurant in the same building that had far less space and could accommodate for fewer customers. Pika Fejeran has even slated the size of the original restaurant due to how cramped the kitchen was.

Deciding that both their customers and employees needed more space to work with, the Fejerans took advantage of an opportunity when a larger space in Star Building was up for sale. The new space was more than twice the size of the old one and also allowed for the locally owned business to create more than 20 new job opportunities for unemployed Guam residents.

Why Did The Owners Decide To Go Into Business?

Aside from wanting to return to their home island and ‘give back’ to their old community, the Fejerans also wanted to help locals eat healthier and break the traditions of basic rations that had, perhaps rather unhealthily, been in place on the island for many years.

The most popular items on the café’s menu, and also the most praised in customer testimonials, are also the healthiest options that the Fejerans have concocted – The exotic ‘Tinaktak’ burger, the unorthodox Korean barbecue sandwich, and the belly-filling pork belly sandwich.

By including such healthy meat dishes on their menu, the Fejerans are able to deliver the perfect balance between their goal of healthy eating whilst also respecting the solid ‘meat and rice culture’ that is more precedented to Guam natives.

What Is The Café’s Ultimate Goal?

To put it simply, the Fejerans simply want to bring their local community together.

Each summer since opening, Pika’s Café has hosted live music from young and aspiring music students, allowing for them to get a start on their career whilst also creating a social atmosphere that helps both the café’s businesses as well as boosts locals’ morale.

They also accept seasonal artwork that is displayed on the café’s walls, allowing for young artists to become infamous among Guam’s communities and possibly even get a foot in the door for the artwork industry.

Lenny Fejeran has stated that he aims to provide “happiness” for the young artists, his customers, and the community around him. In effect, the Fejerans truly are giving back to their island, and helping the new youngsters get ahead in their lives, just as the couple themselves once did many years ago.

Live Music

About Pika’s Café

What Hours Does The Café Operate On?

With the exception of Wednesdays, Pika’s Café is open every day from 7.30 AM until 3 PM.

On Wednesdays, the café opens half an hour later but still closes at the usual time.

What’s On The Daily Menu?

Though the ‘Tinaktak’ burger, Korean barbecue sandwich, and pork belly sandwich are the most praised dishes on the menu, Pika’s Café serves a bountiful and satisfying number of other nourishing meals as well.

There’s a salad menu for those with vegetarian or other specific diet preferences, including smoked salmon, black & bleu, Greek, and Mandarin orange crunch salads – The latter two also come with the option to add chicken, salmon, and shrimp. These salads range from $12 to $19, with the optional sides for the Greek and Mandarin dishes being $6 or $7 each.

Regarding the meat & rice menu, there are three exotic dishes including pork, marinated tofu, which both cost $12.50, and bulgogi beef, costing $14.50. These dishes are served in hot heaps on large plates and bowls, ensuring that you receive the most generous serving possible for your meal.

You can also take a step further and have a fried rice dish instead. Pika’s Café serves chamoru sausage, corned beef & onions, bacon & spinach (with shrimp), and kimchee & bulgogi beef on their fried rice menu. Each of these will only set you back $16 or $17 at most.

You can also choose from a variety of sides to accompany your meal. Egg, potato hash, three pieces of bacon, soup of the day, and white or brown rice are just a few of the highlights from the ‘Satisfying Sides’ menu. These are extremely affordable, even for those attempting to live in Guam on a budget, with no side costing anything more than $6, and the cheapest sides clocking in at $2 or $3 only.

But that’s far from all. On the other side of this expansive and tropical menu, you can also choose from a selection of Benny’s, including smoked salmon, chamoru, bacon slab, and lobster benedicts. The lobster served is caught and cooked locally, meaning that not only is it a sustainable dish, but it may also cost cheaper on some days than others due to the varying market prices on the island.

There are also exotic burritos, wraps, scrambled eggs, toasts, burgers, sandwiches, and pasta dishes available. In order to find out what exactly these are, however, you’d best come on down and dine at Pika’s Café for yourself! 

Pork Belly Sandwich

What’s On The Drinks Menu?

The drinks menu includes a fruitful taste of Guam, with flavored Iced Teas costing $5 on average available to order, as well as an alcoholic iced tea costing $8. If you’re looking to keep it simple and straightforward, however, you can also order locally sourced and freshly squeezed apple and orange juice.

As ever with effectively any restaurant or café, cold drinks are also available to order, such as Pepsi, 7UP, and also the Guam-exclusive purifying Hanom water. You can even indulge yourself in chocolate milk if you yearn to revisit your childhood days.

On the contrary, you can also order something warmer such as the café-exclusive Pika’s Coffee, which uses beans that are roasted and ground in the restaurant itself. For just $3.50, you can have this unique beverage along with unlimited refills. You can also stick to more traditional coffee such as Americanos, Lattes, Mochas, and Cappuccinos.

But if you’re coming to Pika’s Café for a night out with friends or are just looking to hang loose for a little while, then be sure to check out the Cocktails Menu. Fresh mimosas, unique and handmade vodka mixes, lemon martinis – There are plenty of drinks to help build the perfect group outing for you.

If you’re not a cocktail person but still want to be a part of your group’s big night, there are other alcoholic beverages available including beer and wine, all of which are sourced from the local Guam Brewery. You can order glasses or bottles of Sauvignon, Petalo, Sparkling, or Rosé wine for your table. There’s more available, but again, you’ll have to pay a visit yourself in order to find out what you’re missing.

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What’s It Like Inside Pika’s Café?

As briefly touched upon earlier, the atmosphere at this spot is very welcoming and accommodating to all. It’s a hotspot for youngsters looking to make a name for themselves in the music and arts industry, but more than that is also the kind of place where new relationships and friendships will be found.

For instance, the large variety of dishes on the menu means that even the fussiest of eaters will be content with what is on offer and will even likely meet like-minded individuals and form bonds with them.

Understandably, sometimes loud music and bustling social atmospheres can overwhelm a person. This should not be a reason to avoid Pika’s Café, as there is a covered seating area outside should you need to take a quick break or would rather just eat outside in the cool afternoon or evening breeze.

In any case, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find yourself uncomfortable at Pika’s Café. Even if you switch between sociable and anti-sociable, you can simply head inside or outside for what best suits you in the present moment. Customer testimonials have also stated this much.

In Summary

Pika’s Café is a high point of Guam in a great many categories, whether it be for quality of food, variety of food, social life, or even just general catering, it certainly appeals to the locals for all the right reasons.

If you’re a resident of Guam who is still yet to check this café out, you’d best get to it immediately. Not only are you missing out on delicious and affordable food, but you’re also missing out on some wonderful and caring people as well – The live music in the summer and overly sociable atmosphere the rest of the year will certainly make for a worthwhile night out for yourself, your friends, your family, or whatever other combination of people you may bring here.

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