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The ocean is, by far, the biggest mystery of all. From undiscovered tribes and species to uncharted islands and other territories, there’s still just so much that we don’t know about the waters that surround us. One place that exists in this endless body of wonder is the tropical island of Guam, an exotic and relaxing place that many are lucky to call home..

In this blog we’re going to be checking out Guam’s finest cuisine spots, namely in the way of Chinese food, one of the most highly consumed and delicious food styles in modern human culture.

1. Panda Express  

Panda Express

Located in the heart of the island in the Micronesia mall, Panda Express is one of the most popular restaurants in Guam according to reviews on Google and TripAdvisor, and taking a look at the menu, it’s easy to understand why so many choose to dine here.

Being located in a mall, it’s technically a food stall which connects to a food court as opposed to being its own dedicated restaurant. Nonetheless, it still serves restaurant-quality oriental food such as delicious orange chicken, traditional Chinese broccoli, rice dishes, crispy duck, and more.

Reviewers also heavily praise the affordability of this restaurant stall, so if you’re looking to eat on a budget whilst still having quality food, Panda Express is certainly the optimal balance for you.

2. Spring Chinese Kitchen


As the name would suggest, Spring Chinese Kitchen focuses on the more natural side of Chinese cuisine, offering mostly vegetable-based dishes.

If you’re a vegetarian or require any other type of flexible diet, you’ll likely want to check out the spring onions that are freshly prepared daily at this exquisite restaurant.

Another reason why this restaurant may appeal to some is due to dish size – If you’re looking to eat lightly rather than have a heavy dinner, you’ll definitely want to check this place out as the reason why its dishes are so affordable is due to small portions served. Of course, on the other side of that coin, you may be somebody who prefers a more generous serving, in which case, this restaurant may not be ideal for you, but is certainly catered towards diners who either have strict diets or small stomachs.

The real kicker here is that all the seafood served in this restaurant isn’t shipped in from overseas, but rather, is caught fresh daily from the waters that surround Guam itself, giving you a good taste of the island’s tropical culture.

3. Kar Kar Restaurant

Sesame Balls

Our next pick on this list goes to the restaurant with the most varied restaurant in all of Guam. Often regarded as being ‘Guam’s Best Kept Secret’, Kar Kar Restaurant is bound to appeal to anyone with an appetite.

Despite being a relatively unknown and secretive restaurant, those tourists who were fortunate enough to find this place have praised it for its dumplings, sesame balls, and crispy duck.

Interestingly, despite being regarded as ‘Guam’s Best Kept Secret’, several reviewers have noted that the restaurant seems quiet until you are inside, at which point it is often seen to be absolutely packed and very busy, often noted as a good sign even if it increases wait times.

When it comes to Kar Kar Restaurant, it all depends on how hungry you are on that particular day. If you’re willing to wait a little longer for food of the highest quality, then this is certainly the place for you, but if you’re absolutely starving, your time may be better – and quicker – spent further down the street.

4. Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant


Similar to our last entry, Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant is often regarded as one of Guam’s more secret spots.

Tourists who have dined here primarily recommend the Red Dragon for its affordability. For just $25, you receive one meal with portions generous enough to feed a group of up to four or five people. This is likely to appeal to students and other young adults that are, perhaps, on their first world travelling experience.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for the perfect way to end a day in Guam, this restaurant is located on an open street which is overlooked by the sunset, meaning you can watch the sun go down whilst stretching your legs after a meal that won’t have burned a hole in your wallet.

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5. Toh-Lee Restaurant


Midway through this list, we’re going to a place that serves Chinese food so tasty that even those who are not particularly big on such cuisine had their opinions reversed by the end of their visit.

Unlike orthodox restaurants, Toh-Lee operates on a buffet service, meaning that for a set fee you can fill up on and mix-and-match as much food as you like. This is certainly a spot that is bound to accommodate groups with a mix of both picky and indulgent eaters.

We’d be foolish not to recommend this place to you, but we’d also be unfair to also not point out that if you are indeed planning on eating very little, you should remember that you’ll be paying the same amount as if you were eating an excessive amount anyway.

6. Marriott Café

Dim Sum

Marriott Café is still designed and operates on a similar basis to a standard restaurant. Furthermore, this café serves meat and vegetables from not just China, but also from all across Asia and Africa, making for a more multicultural dining experience.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Guam during the week, be sure to visit Marriott Café on a Wednesday afternoon, for this is when their affordable dim sum supper is served. If you’re looking to get into foreign food, there’s no better place to start than here with this option – Dim sum allows you to try small portions of many fantastic light Chinese dishes.

The one thing to bear in mind with this place is that due to stocking food from so many different places across the world, you’ll find dishes don’t come particularly cheap at any time of day, so you may be better off giving this place a miss on a budget.

7. Top Island Restaurant


When it comes to Chinese food, many casual diners often forget that there are subcategories of this oriental cuisine. For instance, Top Island Restaurant specializes primarily in Cantonese cuisine as opposed to Mandarin or Fuzhou.

The staff is friendly, and many reviewers even claim that the owner personally greeted them on the way in and out of the restaurant. The professional décor has also earned it praise for being accommodating to business meetings and other professional excursions.

If you’re not as worried about food or price as much as a pleasant dining experience, then this is certainly the place for you. We recommend this place to those venturing to Guam for business.

8. Jerry Kitchen


It’s an unspoken fact that small businesses have suffered all across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Jerry Kitchen is a spot that has bounced back incredibly, perhaps even better than all other small restaurants in Guam.

Jerry Kitchen has received praise for its’ tofu and beef noodle soup, and these delicious dishes are the main reason why it’s earned a spot on this list. It’s also the only place where we have heard of reviewers going back to it twice on the same vacation.

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9. Golden Sea Restaurant


Of all our picks on this list, Golden Sea Restaurant is the most popular lunchtime spot.

The menu is, rather aptly, centered around seafood, all of which is locally sourced from around Guam. Many reviewers have even gone as far to state that this restaurant served them the best seafood they had ever tasted in their lives.

The real reason why Golden Sea Restaurant has earned a spot on this list, however, is not for its food, but rather is for its’ ability to maintain fast and efficient service whilst also being at full capacity.

10. Chapter One


Similar to Marriott Café, Chapter One is more of a restaurant-styled café as opposed to a dedicated restaurant.

We’ll cut straight to the chase with this one: Chapter One earned its place on this list due to serving vegan-friendly food, making it an option that is more viable for larger parties, though unlike Spring Chinese Kitchen, service here is likely to be far quicker and cheaper due to how small the café is.

Even if you are not vegan, Chapter One may still be worth a shot due to having both indoor and outdoor seating allowing you to have more flexibility over the atmosphere in which you would like to dine.


Guam is a fantastic and highly underrated island in the Pacific Ocean. Along with its stunning scenery, breath-taking beaches and plenty of recreational opportunities, the Island is also filled with some of the tastiest restaurants one can visit! 

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