Guam Business Highlight: Infusion Coffee & Tea Guam

The island of Guam is abundant with fantastic places to dine. There are restaurants serving a diverse range of menu options. Whether you're looking for comfort food that is convenient and drive-thru accessible or a sophisticated, elegant restaurant, the island of Guam is a great place to dine. It can be difficult to choose with so many great places to eat! However, there are numerous possibilities and a ton of divine dishes to indulge in. If you're looking for a casual spot to hang out with friends or an elegant restaurant to surprise a date, the island of Guam has great options.

Infusion Coffee & Tea in Guam is a dazzling cafe. There are more than five locations spread out throughout the island, all serving amazing, fresh food. Infusion Coffee & Tea has a fresh menu and serves smoothies, sandwiches, tea, coffee, and a few other light items. The cafe is home to delightful coffee and tea and draws a crowd regularly. Locals love the vibe at the cafe. Infusion Coffee & Tea offers guests free wifi, delivery and dine-in options, and kind, courteous service.

Infusion Coffee & Tea Guam: The History

Infusion Coffee & Tea in Guam is owned by a powerful business pair. Richard Chan and Mika Caldwell have successfully opened several Infusion Coffee & Tea locations throughout Guam. The business couple operates Infusion Coffee & Tea from their umbrella company called Archway Inc. was established in 1996. It is a multi-product and multi-service company. The company is committed to the preservation and beautification of Guam and invests time, resources, and money into being a part of the process. 

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Infusion Coffee & Tea Guam: The Vibe

Infusion Coffee & Tea Guam has a great casual, friendly vibe. It's one of those homey cafes' where everyone feels like family. The cafe is designed to be an easy stop and a pleasant stay. If you're in a big rush, you can zoom through a drive-thru location set up to get guests in and out quickly. The cafe is designed to give guests a casual experience with fantastic food and exceptional hot drinks. You'll be greeted with a friendly smile and feel right at home quickly! 

Guests of Infusion Coffee & Tea in Guam can explore various seating options. Many locations offer outdoor dining with beautiful views and stunning horizons. All locations offer guests free wifi, clean dining, healthy food, and friendly service. 

Beautiful View at Cafe

Infusion Coffee & Tea in Guam values loyalty and rewards returning customers with an exciting rewards program. Guests can earn one brew buck for every $10 spent at the cafe. In addition, the rewards program offers other additional features such as special offers, discounts, and birthday bonuses.

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Infusion Coffee & Tea Guam: The Menu

The menu at Infusion Coffee & Tea in Guam focuses on wholesome, healthy foods. There is a wide selection of fantastic, light meals, green smoothies, protein-packed smoothies, and much more. Guests can enjoy flavor-packed sandwiches on toasted ciabatta bread, easy, grab-and-go salads, or exquisite coffees. 

Ciabatta Sandwich at Infusion Coffee & Tea in Guam

Infusion Coffee & Tea Guam offers guests a casual, laid-back dining experience. Many locations offer both indoor and outdoor seating and access to fantastic views. The cafe serves healthy, nutrition-filled food with a vast selection of smoothies, pre-made sandwiches, coffee, and tea. In addition, the free wifi makes the cafe a great place to work for students and employees. Infusion Coffee & Tea Guam is an inviting, welcoming cafe. It serves fantastic food and will make you feel right at home in no time!


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