Proa RestaurantAddress: 429 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon, 96913, Guam

Phone Number: 1 671-646-7762

Guam is a wonderful little island full of a wide range of restaurants and bars to choose from. With fast food and delivery to fancy dining and cute cafes, the residents of Tumon have plenty of options to choose from. With so many choices it can be a hard decision to pick what and where you want to eat. For the people of Tumon, there is a lovely option that will provide walk-ins, reservations, casual lunches, pastries and fine dining.

The Proa Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind restaurant experience that many people of Tumon, Guam have come to adore. With it being family-owned and the menu offering a Hafa Adai dining experience through their handcrafted Pacific-Rim styled menu, there are plenty of options to choose from. Not only do they have wonderful main courses but also a wide selection of pastries and desserts to follow your dinner. The Proa Restaurant makes it very easy to bring the comfort of family and fine dining together in one place.

Proa Restaurant Menu:

The menu of the Proa Restaurant has been carefully crafted by the family. With the goal of providing a Hafa Adai ( welcoming ) experience to its customers, it has a large menu to choose from. Not only does it have a regular menu for appetizers, main courses and more but also a menu for their famous pastries and desserts. Some of their main meals that are dearly loved by locals include:

  • Crispy Cornish Game Hen
  • Chicken Penne Pasta
  • Big Feller Trio

There are plenty more options for customers to choose from but these are some of their bigger and more well-known dishes. With plenty of foods to complement the culture of Guam, it is every foodie's dream spot to experience, not only for the good eats but also the great atmosphere as well. The menu is also accommodating towards gluten-free diets which is a huge bonus for people with that dietary lifestyle or restriction.

On top of the main menu and take-out menu Proa Restaurant also has an extensive pastry and dessert menu for locals to enjoy either within the restaurant or at home. From chocolate, cheesecake all the way to red velvet cakes. There are also pastry bites and even a seasonal white-chocolate rosemary crème Brulee to enjoy. The desserts and pastries are a hot commodity for the Proa Restaurant as many customers rarely ever say no to them. 

With the wide variety of sugary delicacies to try, the Proa Restaurant has dedicated a lot of time to perfecting the menu for their customers to pick their favorite sweets with ease. Varying from simple to complex there are plenty of options to choose from for your sweet tooth.

 All of these options for meals and desserts the locals can also have delivered to their homes for brunch, cakes for birthdays and dinner for events. The restaurant is family-owned and serves its customers not only within the walls of the restaurant with the utmost care and respect but also when they order from within their own homes.

Guam Business Highlight: Table 35

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Guam Business Highlight: Table 35

The Proa Restaurant Atmosphere: 

The atmosphere of the Proa Restaurant is a very sleek, clean beach look. With a minimalistic style but still staying true to the island look you can find a calm and clean atmosphere while enjoying your meal. With off-white walls, stained wooden chairs and tables it is a very open and bright concept. Massive windows show you the beautiful outdoors and a patio to be right with nature, it gives off a very calm presence.

The family-owned feel really comes through with the service the Proa Restaurant offers to its customers. With warm welcomes from their hosts and the constant care and help the servers provide throughout your meal, the Proa Restaurant is constantly giving a warm and welcoming feel to all that enter it. Not only does it show through the staff how welcoming the restaurant truly is but also through the food and design of the restaurant itself as well.

Proa Restaurant Interior

Reviews of the Proa Restaurant:

Reviews on the Proa Restaurant are glowing and complementing all aspects of the restaurant. Many of the customers complimented the food saying how the appetizers are delicious and to save room for dessert as it is astoundingly good. From food reviews to service reviews there are extensive comments stating how welcoming and warm the restaurant is.

One of the customers, Angssi stated that “Staff is so nice and kind the food was as expected and worth the price regarding the service and taste”. Another regular customer, Jones Mediausa said “ A place you have to eat at in Guam PROA, and their staff is just amazing! The food is awesome! My favorite is the BBQ short ribs! You won’t be disappointed.” 

With these glowing reviews and plenty more to read,  the restaurant thrives and is constantly having new and regular customers come to enjoy the food and atmosphere. The Proa Restaurant is currently at a 4.5-star rating with loving reviews pouring in daily. The biggest compliment that the Proa Restaurant receives is the friendly customer service that the restaurant is known for and is so proud of. With the warm atmosphere, delicious food and caring service, the restaurant is constantly prospering.

Lastly, The Proa Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind and unique spot for locals and tourists to enjoy. With family-orientated values with a welcoming atmosphere, it's open for all to come and enjoy their food. With food lovers from around Guam and around the world praising the Pora Restaurant on their cuisine and especially on their pastries it's a hot spot for everyone to go to.

Locals state that you can't leave Tumon, Guam without going to the Proa Restaurant and trying their food. With this restaurant always growing its menu and staff, customers can also enjoy becoming a Galaide club member where they can receive discounts and special offers for the restaurant. With all of this information your next trip to Tumon, Guam should have The Proa Restaurant on your list of wonderful restaurants to visit.


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