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There are many great restaurants and bars to discover on the island of Guam. Residents of the island can find everything from fast food options to fine-dining options when they need a classy night out. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to eat. For those residing in or visiting Tamuning region of Guam, they have an excellent option that will provide everything from casual lunches to the perfect setting for an evening dinner and drinks with friends.

Table 35 is a unique dining experience that many Guam locals have claimed a favorite. The restaurant is located in Tamuning, Guam. The chef has created a menu that features dishes that are influenced from all over the world combined with his own personal touches to create dishes locals rave about almost as much as tourists. With options including American and Asian fusion, Table 35 has something for everyone!

Table 35: The History


It was 2011 when hospitality guru James Okuhama and talented chef Christopher Aguon partnered together to open a new and exciting restaurant in Tamuning, Guam. The duo saw the need for a fresh and atmospheric establishment and worked together to offer just that to the locals. 

Okuhama has a long history in the hospitality and service industry. Having opened hotels and worked in a number of excellent and well known businesses, Okuhama had gained experience with running a business and brought that knowledge to Table 35. 

Aguon made a name for himself as a top chef, brimming with creativity and fresh ideas. His extensive knowledge of culinary techniques and cooking methods were brought on by his history of working in and opening restaurants all over the United States. Aguon's past experience aided him in creating the Table 35 menu, drawing on various American foods and blending them with Asian-inspired dishes.

Together, the pair have been able to create a unique ambiance in Table 35. It's not often that a restaurant has the ability to completely change the vibe of an area, but Table 35 manages to do just that. The establishment creates a first class experience for any person who dines there.

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Table 35: The Ambiance


The tranquil setting created at Table 35 is part of what makes it one of the most popular places in Tamuning. The restaurant is designed to be a warm and inviting environment for any person who dines there.Okuhama and Aguon strive to provide a place of comfort and relaxation; the ideal spot for a night with friends, family, or that special someone. 

Table 35 offers a sophisticated, yet cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, so locals seeking a casual lunch or a place for a business meeting can feel just as comfortable as those hoping for a vibrant evening enjoying food, drink, and live music. 

Yes, Table 35 even offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Tamuning residents who hope to find the perfect place to enjoy delectable food as well as lively and talented local artists can seek out Table 35. 

Visitors to Table 35 have a number of dining options to explore. This includes indoor and outdoor seating, so whether you wish to spend an afternoon out on the sunny patio or enjoy the quiet ambiance of the main dining room, the choice is yours. Private dining is also available at Table 35 for small events and gatherings. If you can't make it into the restaurant for the evening, takeout options are available. Table 35 does everything that they can to accommodate their trusty patrons. 

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Table 35: The Food


The menu at Table 35 was carefully crafted by executive chef Christopher Aguon and his talented and creative culinary team. Led by Aguon, the team is constantly working to discover new flavors and combinations to create new and delicious dishes. This dedicated staff strives to provide food that has been created with passion and talent with the purpose of serving visitors something they may have never tried before. 

Table 35 features a creative menu of American and Asian fusion. The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients and takes in only the best local seafood. From steak to seafood, the food of Table 35 never fails to impress patrons coming to enjoy these delectable dishes. 

Table 35 also offers an extensive wine selection. The knowledgeable staff of servers will be able to guide you in your wine and food pairings if it's not your strong suit. The full-service bar is also available for a diverse collection of hard liquors, beers, and hand-crafted cocktails. 

This trendy restaurant also features daily lunch specials, advertised on their social media sites. The constant rotation of new and bold dishes provides ample opportunity for visitors of Table 35 to try something different every day. Although the menu changes daily, one thing remains consistent: the quality and taste of each and every dish is exceptional! 

Table 35 Food

To keep up with the current food trends and to offer a little something for everyone, Table 35 has expanded their menu to offer inclusive meals for all diets. This includes healthier, light options, vegetarian and vegan dishes, and gluten free options. 

Table 35 is a refreshing and unique restaurant in Guam that blends the best of American food with Asian cuisine. Table 35 offers a little something for everyone and for all tastes, from classic steak to seafood and even gluten free options. The ambiance at this trendy establishment will provide you with the perfect setting for lunch or dinner; enjoy live music on Friday and Saturday nights as well! Whether you're looking for an intimate night out or need catering services, Table 35 has what you need. This contemporary haven also features daily specials advertised on their social media sites so bookmark them now before they sell out!

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