How To Find A Job In Guam: The Ultimate Guide

Guam is an amazing island that definitely has its advantages over the mainland. If you're looking for a job in Guam, or even thinking about making the move to this beautiful island, here are some tips on how to find a job in Guam!

So how do I find a job in Guam?


Well, it's not as hard as you might think! Being an island with limited space and population, there are plenty of opportunities here. Plus, compared to other places around the world that have its own challenges establishing a career path, Guam has a relatively easy time getting a foothold into another field or profession.

Let's look at a few ways you can find a job in Guam!

Employment Agencies


The best way to start looking for a job is going directly to the source. So, many people would recommend going right to their island employment agency. At these agencies, there are listings of current job openings and available opportunities. You can even ask about internships if they are available! Many of these agencies also offer career counseling and resume assistance.

There are many different employment agencies out there that specialize in helping people find work. These agencies are incredibly helpful because they know what's going on around the island. They also have many contacts that you couldn't possibly have, so it can definitely help your search.

One of the most talked about agencies is called HireGuam. HireGuam is one of the top employment agencies on the island because it's free for job seekers. The company works with employers who are interested in hiring people, as well as those seeking jobs. 

The great thing about HireGuam is that they have many services that are available to help you find your dream job, including a resume builder and cover letter builder. They also offer job listings, interview tips, and resume reviews! 


Online Resources


One of the many benefits of living in this age of technology is the information that is accessible with a click of a button. This has become an important part of the working world. 

Many helpful resources found online post job positions in all areas of the country! You simply put in your work experience, where you're hoping to land a job, and usually a copy of your resume. 

Websites like Indeed have become popular amongst job-seekers. You can view listings in either Guam or your desired area, then narrow down the results using filters like salary rate, specific location (i.e., not just "Guam"), and much more!

Job boards are a feature of specific employment websites, and often contain both current openings and job listings from past years. You can find many job boards in the classifieds section of your local paper, or you can check your city's website(s) for more information about possible locations!

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Networking is when you meet people and keep in contact with them for the purpose of getting a job in the future. Networking is an incredible way to not only meet new people but also learn about what is going on around you that may help you find your next job.

Networking is very common online with social media and blogging sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also meet people in person at events, conventions, seminars, and many other places! 

For example, suppose Tina has been searching for a job in Guam for six months now and hasn't heard anything back after sending applications everywhere she could find. She is about to give up when her friend recommends that she try one last time before giving up for good. Tina decides to take the advice and looks back at all of her contacts on LinkedIn, as well as any other places she has networked on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Social MEdia

After searching for a few minutes, she finds out about an event that her friend is actually going to be hosting in the next couple of weeks. She looks up information about it and decides to attend. The networking at this event was incredible! She got many business cards from different people who told her about what they do and asked if she would like help with her job search. They also gave her advice on some places she can apply to as well as contacts to other people who might be able to help. 

The networking at this event, as well as through social media and other online tools, got her a few interviews with companies that were interested in talking with her! She is now working full time at a place she loves and couldn't be happier.

Don't discount the power of networking! You never know who you might meet or what they may be able to do for you. 

The Cold Approach Method


While it's always helpful to have friends and family on your side, sometimes you need to go out there and find people yourself, whether it's to let them know about your job search or to ask for help with finding one.

Similar to networking, the cold approach method is all about going out into the world and simply talking to people. You can do this at events, conventions, seminars, coffee shops, grocery stores, malls, basically anywhere!

This is how most people used to find a job on Guam. It's not the worst way, but it does take time and patience! So there may be some trial and error involved with this method. You can simply walk into any business you are interested in working for, tell them who you are and why you're looking for work. This can be done in person or over the phone. You can also leave your resume if they ask for it.

This method is often the best way to find out about openings that may not be advertised anywhere else! For example, maybe you go into a restaurant and tell them that you are looking for work. They mention that they are having trouble finding someone who can start in the morning to prepare and open up. You ask when they would like someone and they say that you could start work as soon as possible if you're interested!

Every business is different, so this method may not apply for you. But don't rule it out because there could be something amazing waiting for you at a place you'd never expect!

Job Fairs 


Many companies come to job fairs because they want to put their name out there for the public and they might even be interested in adding to their team. This is a great opportunity for prospective employees to find out about all types of companies in one location, and possibly even meet many people in the same business! 

For example, let's say you were looking for a job at an advertising agency. There would probably be several different agencies available at a job fair to explore and find out more about. You would be able to receive the information to apply directly from people who work at these companies, so you wouldn't even need an application! 

This is also a good way for those businesses to meet potential employees as well as fill positions quickly and efficiently. They might even hire someone on the spot if there is an immediate need and they like you!

Don't forget about fairs that are specifically for the unemployed. This could be a great opportunity to meet people who are in the same boat as you, get advice from professionals and even get some help finding work!

Job Fairs can be extremely useful but also disappointing at times. Sometimes there are so many people in attendance that it's hard to get the attention you need. But if you go prepared, with your resume in hand, and speaking with confidence about what you have to offer, then this could be the thing that lands your next job!

Job Interviews

Word of Mouth


It's always helpful to know somebody when you move. Even if you know somebody who knows somebody, that can give you a leg up as well. It's never good to rely solely on others, but it can definitely help you.

Guam is a small island. The many collective neighborhoods that make up the population are known to be friendly and familiar. Whether you are new to the island or not, people love to talk. Talking about your job search with others may help you in ways you didn't know possible! 

For example, let's say that Joe is having a hard time finding a job on Guam. After talking to friends and family for advice, he uses everything he learned to continue his search. He pulls up, which has many listings readily available, and sends out applications to several places with openings. However, he doesn't hear anything back from any of them. 

Joe is feeling hopeless about the whole ordeal so he decides to speak with a few friends again about what they would do. One of his friends suggests that he check back with the few places he had applied to recently before giving up. Upon checking, Joe finds out that one of the companies was interested in bringing him on for an interview!

Word of mouth may not always lead you right to your next job, but it's very helpful overall. It can at least be used to further your search in some way, shape, or form. 

There are many ways that you can find a job on the beautiful island of Guam. Some methods, such as word of mouth and the cold approach method, may take more time than others but it's worth doing your best to network with people who might be able to help or know somebody who is looking for work. Gaining employment is similar to gaining the attention of a friend or significant other. If they like what you do and stand for, they will always want more of it. So, keep creating value and keep learning about yourself in the meantime. Good luck!

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