Top 5 Things To Know About Living In Chalan Pago Ordot Guam

Hidden away in the middle "waist area" of Guam lay the small municipality of Chalan Pago Ordot. The village, though rather enchanting, is small, picturesque, and secluded. The area has many small valleys and low hills. It is abundant with fascinating, riveting history and many things to learn. Chalan Pago Ordot Guam has many new housing subdivisions that are perfect for all kinds of lifestyles. 

The municipality was an old ranching area. It has many fascinating stories that get passed down from generation to generation. Chalan Pago Ordot Guam has sparkling waters sporadically throughout with bold, colorful murals, uniting arts and culture, and sharp colonial architecture. The municipality offers a high quality of life and many exciting opportunities and adventures. 

However awesome living in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam may be, it's still good to be prepared. We've put together a detailed list of the best five things you need to know living in the village. Take notes and enjoy.

1. There is diverse terrain in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam.


If you're considering moving to Chalan Pago Ordot Guam, make sure you have some good shoes! The land is hilly, with many valleys hidden. Wetlands are resting along with the municipality, with plenty of wildlife peeking through. The region has many hiking trails, walking paths, and fantastic outdoor feats awaiting its residents. 

Unbelievable Outdoor Adventures in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam:

  • Blackjack Loop - Blackjack Loop is a great cycling location. It is a two-plus-hour loop with sandy, hilly terrain. The Blackjack Loop is great for intermediate riders looking for a challenge. There are many bends, hills, and the exhilarating threat of losing grip on the sand. 
  • Tuman Bay Beach - Tuman Bay Beach can be found only 8 miles away from Chalan Pago Ordot on the island Guam. The beach is vast with clear, sparkling, turquoise waters with many opportunities to snorkel, swim, and relax in the soft white sand. Tuman Bay Beach gives visitors jaw-dropping views. 
  • The Blue Hole - The Blue Hole is a spectacular diving site. Its depth is anywhere from 18-91 meters. The Blue Hole is an exhilarating popular dive site on the island. Divers get to be treated to visions of exotic fish as well! The Blue Hole is an excellent place to visit. 

Diving In The Blue Hole, Guam

It's crucial to keep this in mind, just in case it might affect plans, footwear choices, and more. The village offers many exciting adventures because of its terrain, and it's best to be prepared.


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2. The village experiences fantastic weather.


Chalan Pago-Ordot Guam has fairly consistent great weather throughout the year. Several days are very humid. The coldest month is February, while the warmest month is June. The weather in the village makes it a wonderful place to live. It is most often warm and sunny. There are so many benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing to living in a sunny location!

Health & Wellness Benefits From Sunshine:

  • Sunshine increases the amount of melatonin that the body produces, improving sleep.
  • Sunshine supports strong bones.
  • Sunshine helps to fight depression and reduce inflammation.

3. There are excellent education facilities right in Guam.


Living in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam puts you right nearby awesome education facilities. It makes it simple for residents to access high-quality education without leaving the island. You'll find many schools governed by the Guam Department of Education and a handful of private schools right on the island.

On the island of Guam, you can find a community college that has excellent technical and hands-on learning opportunities. In addition, Pacific Island University and the University of Guam are also on the island. 

The United States curriculum is the same education curriculum in Guam. School is mandatory for children ages 5 - 16, and there are many funding and scholarship opportunities for post-secondary learning. Living in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam gives you access to fantastic learning opportunities for both children and adults. 

Education in Chalan Pago Ordot, Guam

4. Get ready for fun and fiestas!


Moving to Chalan Pago Ordot, Guam will give you a front seat to unique, fun fiestas and events throughout the island. Events take place indoors and outdoors and often have a cultural connotation and celebration. The island of Guam loves a grand celebration. 


  • Liberation Day
  • Malojloj Fiesta
  • Chamorro Lunar Calendar Festival

Popular Places For Celebrations On Guam

Within the various villages on the island, there are different community celebrations. Events take place all over and in all sorts of locations. Enjoy different scenery, views, stunning waters, soft white sand, and more while you’re celebrating!

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5. Best Places To Stay & Hang Out 


The food scene in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam is diverse. Many restaurants and eateries are serving fantastic food. You'll find American, Asian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisine easily. Restaurants have a great ambiance and most often treat guests like family. The people on the island are welcoming and wonderful, which comes through majorly in the hospitality sector. 

Great Places To Eat

  • Cup & Saucer - Cup & Saucer is a quaint bakery and cafe. It serves heavenly desserts that are homemade and delicious. A Cup & Saucer, you'll find a comforting atmosphere that will have you feeling right at home.
  • Table 35 - At Table 35, you're guaranteed several things. Great food, fantastic service, and a wonderful time. Table 35 is a dimly lit elegant restaurant serving up traditional American favorites. 
  • Caliente - Caliente is a restaurant that serves traditional Mexican favorites. 

One of the best parts about living in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam is that it's always a great time to be outdoors because of its nearly perfect weather. You can enjoy parks, walking paths, benches overlooking the beach, and more. Chalan Pago Ordot Guam is a very outdoorsy village, and you'll find beautiful nature spots around every corner. So grab your blanket and spread it under one of the majestic bushy trees because being outdoors on the island is a treat in itself. Locals enjoy hanging out outside, basking in the sunshine, and soaking up the rays.

It's not hard to see why local islanders love living in Chalan Pago Ordot Guam. Perfect weather, exhilarating outdoor adventures, and jaw-dropping scenery are just a few remarkable points to consider. 


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