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The beautiful island of Guam is made up of nineteen villages which are all unique and different in their own right. One of the villages that make up this picturesque country is Agana Heights. Located in the hills of Hagatna, Agana Heights is located in the middle part of the island.

Before World War II, the area of Agana Heights was known as a farming community. Fast forward to today, Agana Heights is filled with residential homes often within gated communities with manicured and well-kept lawns. You will also see different apartment complexes in the village and it is best described as a thriving community that is more on the cosmopolitan side.

Agana Heights is also known as the site of the Spanish Military’s lookout point for ships that are coming into the island. This historic site is known as Fort Santa Agueda or Fort Dagupan. This fort is a popular tourist site because of the panoramic views that you can see from the capital city. 

From this fort, you will be able to see Hagatna Bay, the Philippine Sea, and the cliffs of Oka Point and Uranao Point.

Back in the day, the US military used the area of Agana Heights and it housed the US Naval Hospital. This makes the area very historic which is also a testament to how important this village is to the whole country.

Characterized by warm people and a great climate all year round, when you live in Agana Heights you will have a chance to feel like you are on vacation every day. Because the village is located in the middle of the island, you will have a chance to travel to each side of the island conveniently.

When people are thinking of relocating to Guam, one of the top places that they move into is Agana Heights because it is right in the middle of the island which provides convenient access to all amenities that the island has to offer.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Agana Heights as your landing place in Guam:

1. Great location 

Since Agana Heights is located in the middle of Guam, it is near everything on the island. Once you get to Agana Heights, you will instantly see that the village is traditional-looking and very quaint. Since this village is on a higher elevation, you will be able to see great views of the Philippine Sea and the other portions of Guam from every side.

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2. Great weather all year round


The weather in Guam is constant at 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. Because of this great climate, it is very usual for locals to be out and about enjoying this warm weather by lounging on the beaches or exploring nature. The colder months are January to March with the weather dropping a few degrees into the 70s while the monsoon season starts mid-July to December.

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3. You will have plenty of outdoor recreation to choose from


One of the best qualities of Agana Heights is that it is conveniently located in the center of the island which means that you will have plenty of outdoor recreation to choose from. Agana Heights also prides itself on being family-friendly so most of the recreational activities that you can do in the village will give you a chance to spend quality time with your friends and family.

The Fonte River borders Agana Heights and Maina. Rumor has it that the bridge across this river is the site of a local ghost story and sightings of a white lady can be seen here. This river is an important part of the village and serves as the location of Libugon Dam, which is the first dam built in Guam. Libugon Dam was the main source of freshwater in Agana Heights before World War II. Nowadays, this river serves as a popular swimming pool for locals and visitors. Nature lovers also like this river because there are hiking trails that you can take around the river that will enable you to explore the area.

The Cliff is one of Guam’s first hotels. Conveniently located along one of the Agana Heights cliff lines, this hotel was established in 1959. The property has turned from being a hotel to a residential condominium complex that also houses businesses.

Triangle Park or Tutujan Park is another popular park that was built in 2002. You can rent this park for a small fee to hold your private events. Fort Santa Agueda was built during the Spanish administration for tactical purposes. Sitting on top of Apugan Hill, it is one of the few surviving Spanish forts in Guam. It sits on a limestone plateau and will give you picturesque views of the Philippine Sea as well as Ritidian Point.

One of Guam’s oldest baseball fields is called Sgt. Pedro C. Pangilinan Baseball Field, which is named after a Guam soldier killed in Vietnam. This baseball field is home to Guam’s first little league baseball team.

Here are other popular points of recreation in the village of Agana Heights:

Guam Museum

4. Quality schools


In looking for a place to relocate, one of the most important considerations is the school district especially for families who have school-aged children. You will find that there are plenty of options for schools in Agana Heights and you will find the right school to find you and your family’s needs. 

The Agana Heights village is served by the Guam Public School System and here are some of the popular schools that you can choose from:

  • Agana Heights Elementary School
  • Jose Rios Middle School
  • George Washington High School
  • Guam High School operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity
  • Guam Adventist Academy

Elementary School

5. You will fall in love with the local people


Within minutes of landing in Agana Heights, you will find yourself enamored by the local hospitality that comes from the residents. The Chamorro people who are indigenous to the land make up the majority of the population. But one of the best things about Guam is that it is a true melting pot of cultures with residents coming from the Philippines, Japan, and the USA because of the huge military presence on the island. Regardless of where you came from, you will feel welcome in Agana Heights.

With plenty of recreational activities that you can choose from and sunny weather all year round, Agana Heights is quite attractive especially for people who are looking to relocate to the beautiful island of Guam. If you are thinking of moving to Agana Heights, contact our team of professionals today! Our real estate team is experts in the area and will help you in finding the home of your dreams in Agana Heights!


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