Everything You Need To Know About Moving to Guam With a Pet

If you are thinking about moving to Guam but you are worried about how to get your animal friend there with you, look no further. Shipping your pets to Guam is much easier than you think. Keep reading to find out the best way for you and your animal companion to travel to Guam. 

How are you getting there?

When it comes to getting to Guam, there are 3 different companies that are willing to fly pets. Each company has its own regulations and amount of pets that can be carried on per flight. Let’s take a look at the different companies and what you need to fly with each one.

PE (Patriot Express): This flight is for members of the military and their families only but they still have some restrictions for pets. If you are flying with them, bear in mind that the pet spots are limited to two per family. If your pet can fit in an 8.5” carrier then they are able to travel under your seat but if they are larger (the pet must fit in a 700 series kennel which is 48” L, 32” W and 35” H plus they must weigh under 150 lbs including the crate) they have to fly in the cargo area. 

For pets that are too large to fly on the Patriot Express, another airline may be used but the pet will need to make a connection with United airlines to be flown as excess baggage. They must also meet the restrictions that United has for pet cargo, otherwise, there are very limited options for traveling with pets.

United Airlines: United is the only commercial flight company that services Guam and they are a great option for shipping your pet. There are restrictions currently in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic but you are allowed to travel with your pets if they fall under United restrictions for in-cabin pets or cargo pets.


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In-Cabin Pets

  • In-Cabin pets must be a small domestic cat or dog that is over the age of 4 months and fits into a small carrier that can be easily stored under your seat. 
  • In-Cabin pets must have their rabies vaccination certificate that has been administered no sooner than 30 days ago. 
  • In-cabin pets are limited to one (and this counts as carry-on luggage) unless the flyer chooses to purchase an extra ticket for a second pet. 
  • In-cabin pets require an airline-approved carrier. The details of what is required can be found on the United Airlines website. 
  • In-cabin pets require a fee of $125 at check-in with a larger fee for flights longer than 4 hours in the US or more than 24 hours outside of the US.

In-Cabin Flying For Pets

Cargo Pets

  • Cargo pets can only be cats or dogs. 
  • Cargo pets must have one pet per carrier unless the pets are under 6 months of age, are similar size and weigh less than 20 lbs each, then two per carrier is allowed.
  • Cargo pets are not flown in Boeing 787 planes.
  • Cargo pets require proof of a rabies vaccination that has been administered no sooner than 30 days prior. 
  • Cargo pets require a Health Certificate that has been issued within the last 10 days. 
  • Cargo pets require a Customer acknowledgment form to be signed prior to traveling.
  • Cargo pets require a crate that is large enough for the animal to stand up, sit up and turn around in the crate but it must be shorter than 34”.
  • Cargo pets require a crate that is made with hard plastic, wood or metal and has metal hardware that is used to fasten the crate shut. 
  • Cargo pets require a crate with 3 ventilation areas for domestic flights and 4 ventilation areas for international flights. 
  • Cargo pets require a photo of the pet in front of the crate to prove that the crate is compliant with guidelines.

Pets Flying Cargo

For both pet-carrying arrangements, you will need to make the airline aware that you are flying with an animal at least 48 hours before your flight. For any other questions about United Airlines’ pet policy, check their website. Policies change all the time and it’s a good idea to have everything in order before you attempt to fly. 


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IPM (Island Pet Movers)

They require the majority of the same things that United requires for their travel except for the fact that they have zero breed restrictions. You can trust them to fly your furry, scaled or even swimming friend over to the Island of Guam with no issues. The only downside is that there are no scheduled moves and the company only transports when there is a high demand so you might have to wait a bit to send your pet over. 

For both companies, you will need a rabies test but IPM also requires a FAVN (fluorescent antibody virus neutralization) which measures your pet’s response to the rabies vaccine and makes sure it’s working. If you have this test, it will allow you to avoid the 120-day quarantine your pet will need. The test must be taken no less than 90 days earlier and no more than a year and you must send the results to the Guam Department of Agriculture prior to arrival. You will also need to apply for the 5 Days or Less program to help you get through quickly. 

Your pet will need to be quarantined for 120 days (unless you have gotten the FAVN test) and you must have quarantine reservations for your pet before you can get an entry permit. There are 3 kennels in Guam that can provide you with a space to quarantine your pet but you must contact them to check for available space. 

The cost for an entry permit is $65 and it requires a Health Certificate for Guam, along with a DD Form 2209 and an APHIS Form 7001 filled out by your veterinarian. It’s a good idea to also get an I.D. tag made for your pet’s carrier with your pet’s breed, weight, name and a contact number for you, just in case. As long as you have all the proper paperwork and tests, your pet will be able to enjoy your time in Guam with you in no time at all. 


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