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Santa Rita is located on the southwest coast of the beautiful island country of Guam. With hills overlooking the Apra Harbor which is considered one of the best natural ports in the Pacific Ocean, Santa Rita is the newest and smallest village in Guam. 

Surrounded by natural water sources, Santa Rita is flanked by Tarzan Falls by the border of Yona and Fena Lake through the border of Fena Lake. The other border of Santa Rita is Piti which is along the Guatali River. 

Santa Rita is known for its military housing areas. You can find the Fena Reservoir within the gates of Naval base. This reservoir is important to the community because it provides a dependable water supply to the U.S. Navy. The residents of Santa Rita depend on this reservoir as a main drinking water supply. 

If you are fortunate enough to call Santa Rita your home, you will be surrounded by beautiful scenery and crystal-clear beach waters. You will feel like you are on vacation every day. Life might seem a little slower because you are living the island life but you will feel more relaxed and your stress levels will be minimized. 

Santa Rita might be small but it is known for its pristine beauty and access to different amenities. It is no surprise why a lot of people are choosing to move to Santa Rita because it is one of the best villages to move into Guam in terms of location.

History of Santa Rita

The rich history of Santa Rita begins with the ancient village of Sumay, which is located in the Orote Peninsula. During the Japanese occupation, residents of the Sumay village were forced away during World War II. When the Americans took over, the residents moved to the current village of Santa Rita so that they could make room for the construction of the Naval Station.

On December 8, 1941, Sumay was the first village bombed by the Japanese during the invasion of  Guam. Because of the bombing, the residents of Sumay sought refuge in the outlying areas of Apla. Most of the residents stayed in this location for many years. 

When the Americans were trying to take control, their troops were advancing throughout Guam in 1944. The residents went to the neighboring Fena Caves to take shelter. This location is now known as the municipality of Santa Rita. 

Fena Caves

Weather in Santa Rita

With a perfect climate all-year round, you will have a chance to bask in the sunshine for most days out of the year. The typical climate in Guam is approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. The coolest months are from January to March where the temperature drops a few degrees below 80. 

The sunny climate on the island also equates to the sunny disposition of the people who are residing in Santa Rita. When you move and are fortunate enough to live in Santa Rita, you will experience firsthand the local hospitality and how the locals value their culture and rich history.

Real Estate in Santa Rita

It is not uncommon that people who have come to visit Santa Rita choose to stay here for good. And who can blame them? With sunny skies that last for most of the year and a plethora of amenities and outdoor recreation that are available to you, living in Guam is not so far-fetched as people would think.

Over the last few decades, the government of Guam has made it a point to develop and improve different industries so that the country can be more lucrative for people who are looking to buy real estate on the island. Because of this, the real estate industry has had steady growth over the last few years.

One of the biggest industries in Guam is tourism, which is also the most revenue-generating industry. With over a million tourists every year, the real estate industry is taking note of this and more sales are coming in the form of apartments and condominiums which can either be owner-occupied or investment properties for people who are looking to get rental income either short-term or long-term.

Any real estate professional would tell you that location is key and Guam has an extreme competitive advantage when it comes to location. It is the closest US territory to the Asia Pacific region and is also a key base for the US military. There is a large military presence in Guam and it houses a naval base, air force base, and other military support units. Because of this many US military members and their families make up a large percentage of real estate sales on the island.

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Education in Santa Rita

The Santa Rita public schools are maintained by the Department of Education. Because of the melting pot of cultures that are in Santa Rita, diversity is prominent within the school system which is a great thing. Santa Rita is very family-oriented which means that a lot of families choose to settle down here. One of the things that they look at is the quality of education that their children can avail of. Depending on what type of school you’re looking into, you will find a good fit from the different schooling options that Santa Rita has to offer.

Here are some of the different schools that you can choose from:

  • Harry S. Truman Elementary School
  • Southern High School
  • Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) formerly the Santa Rita Elementary School
  • H.S Truman Elementary School
  • Southern High School
  • Oceanview Middle School
  • William C. Mccool Elementary/Middle School located inside the naval base

US Army Base

Things to Do in Santa Rita

Whether you are looking for a relaxing stay at the beach or an adventure-packed hike topped with scenic views, you will find something to do while staying in Santa Rita. This village is bordered by water and you will have a chance to explore them all. The best thing about having great weather all year round is that you will have the opportunity to explore the nature around you on any given day. 

Putting family first is important in Guam culture and this is evident in the different things that you can do on the island. You will have a lot of chances to spend quality time with your family exploring Santa Rita and creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Here are some of the top attractions that you have to check out in Santa Rita:

  • GabGab Beach
  • Tumon Beach
  • Two Lovers Point
  • Inarajan Pool
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Coco Palm Garden Beach

Coco Palm Garden Beach

Restaurants in Santa Rita

Since Guam thrives in tourism, the food scene is something that can compete with any country in the world. You will find an eclectic mix of cuisine which is a reflection of the melting pot of cultures that you will find in Santa Rita. From traditional Chamorro food to Asian-infused cooking, you will find something that will intrigue your taste buds when you are in Santa Rita.

Here are some of the best restaurants that you can try in Santa Rita:

  • Jeff’s Pirate Cove
  • Sumay Pub and Grill
  • Cup and Saucer
  • Jai Fusion Restaurant
  • Marina Grill
  • Caliente
  • LAGO Cafe Restaurant
  • Lemon Grass
Real estate photo

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Shopping in Santa Rita

There are a variety of different shopping malls that you can explore while in Santa Rita. Whether you are looking for a popular name-brand store or prefer smaller boutiques with unique goods, you will find it in Santa Rita or neighboring areas like Hagatna or Tumon.

Here are some of the best shopping centers in Santa Rita:

  • Micronesia Mall
  • Agana Shopping Center
  • Navy Exchange
  • The Plaza
  • Guam Premier Outlet

Santa Rita is a small town with a population of over 7,000 people, but the prime location of this newest village tells a lot about the real estate interest and activity it has generated over the last few years. With access to quality schools and numerous things to do in the area, it comes as no surprise as to why people who are looking to relocate to Guam tend to end up in Santa Rita.

The residents in Santa Rita are welcoming and hospitable, you will surely feel welcome within seconds of being in this village. You will also come to a quick realization that Santa Rita locals value their culture and rich history.

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