Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction

There’s a new housing development being built and you’re considering purchasing one of the homes.

This is an exciting time, but it’s important to go into this decision—like all others—with your eyes wide open.

To help you make the best decision for you (and possibly, your family), you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of buying new construction.


You get to choose the layout that is perfect for you.

Many people never get the opportunity to select the home that suits their needs from the basement to the attic. When buying a home, you may have to choose the home that checks the most boxes. Many developers offer a variety of layouts, giving homebuyers a sense of control from the beginning. Love to spend hours in the kitchen preparing gourmet food? Choose a home with a spacious kitchen. Need a getaway at the end of a crazy week? Select the layout with the spa-like bathroom. Have a growing family? That massive open space you could turn into a playroom is perfect.

You can make decisions about everything from flooring to fixtures to wall color.

As well as choosing the ideal layout, you may also have the opportunity to choose a variety of details that will make you feel at home from the first day you walk through the front door. Have you been living with carpet because it’s just too much work to pull it out and put down laminate or hardwood? Do you really despise the color of your walls but know it would be far too much trouble to move everything to repaint them? Do you have to tuck when standing under the showerhead? Choosing the details as your home is being built can solve all these issues—and many more.

A brand new build often means brand new everything—including the advantage of warranties that give you peace of mind—just in case something isn’t quite perfect.

While moving into a new build can be costly, you can rest assured that there are many costs included you haven’t considered. Windows. Flooring. Appliances. When you weigh the cost of the new construction with what it would cost to replace those items in your current home, you may realize the move may actually be well worth the price.

Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction

Do you dream of having a big yard? You’ll know from Day 1 what size your yard will be.

Do you imagine throwing lively barbecues for family and friends but have a postage stamp size yard? Do your growing children need a safe place to play? Can’t get to the dog park as often as you’d like? There are countless reasons you may want a big yard, and new construction may be the perfect solution.

As is the case whenever you’re choosing a new home, it’s all about the location.

Location. Location. Location. We’ve all heard it. Will your new home be closer to work? That could cut down significantly on your daily commute. Is it farther away? Perhaps in a quiet residential area? That may be just what you need to unwind. Is it closer to your child’s school? Shopping? Recreation? Buying new construction in a convenient location can benefit the whole family.


Relocating presents a variety of stressors—even if you’re moving to your “dream home.”

On the list of life events that cause stress, moving is near the top. There are countless things to consider. And it’s unlikely you have the luxury of devoting all your time to preparing for the move. Continuing to juggle all your responsibilities while adding new ones—especially the delays that can occur when buying new construction—can turn the idea of relocating to your dream home into a nightmare.

In many ways, you’re beginning from Square One.

Where will you put everything? How will you personalize your space? What will you do when everything isn’t as idyllic as you’d hoped?

Pros and Cons to Buying New Construction

Things may not be as you’d envisioned.

From the neighborhood to the yard to the interior, your new home may not be exactly as you’d hoped. You may wonder if you made the right choice, if you didn’t take enough time to make your decision, or if you’re going to regret the move. Before you make the decision to relocate, create a list of things that are most important to you, your non-negotiables. This can help you focused and prevent you from being overwhelmed by minor disappointments.

As the saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

Of course, we know this isn’t always the case. In fact, it often turns out that we don’t truly appreciate our old house and our old neighborhood until we move away. Perfect flowerbeds with all your childhood favorites. Neighbors who are close friends, a friendship you promise to maintain but know will fade over time. Well-lit, well-maintained bike paths you feel confident allowing your child to explore. There are countless advantages of your current location that you may have overlooked, advantages that may or may not be true of the new construction.

Depending on how close to completion the development is, you may have to deal with noise, dust, and access challenges for quite some time.

The excitement of having a shiny new home can diminish if you’re constantly cleaning because of all the dust stirred up by continuing construction. Perhaps you can’t spend time in your spacious backyard because you can’t hear yourself think over all the noise of heavy equipment. Plus, you’re wondering just how long the suspension on your car is going to last because of the back and forth along roads that don’t yet appear on your maps app. Ongoing construction can diminish the enjoyment of your new home—at least for a while.

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Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided to purchase a new home, do all you can to enjoy the process—and then, build an exciting new chapter in your new home.