Guam is a beautiful little territory of the United States, it is the largest island out of the Mariana islands and only roughly 212 square miles. With its small space, it is still a lovely place to live full of beaches, resorts, gorgeous weather and wonderful people. There are so many reasons to move to Guam. Below, in this article, we will discuss some points as to why you should move to Guam.

1. Things to do in Guam


Guam is full of sandy beaches, beautiful waters and lush jungles. With these traits, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in all sorts of areas. When it comes to the beaches for a nice day away there are a bunch to choose from, some include Ypao Beach Park, Gun Beach, Matapang Beach and lots more.

Aside from the beaches, there are also fun things to do within the jungles such as off-road buggy adventures, hiking, and going to Two Lovers Point. There are also some caves and little islands you can also explore with friends, family or just on your own for fun. Since Guam is right on the ocean you can also find diving classes, snorkeling sites, paddleboard lessons, scuba diving and so many more fun things.

On top of all the outdoor activities, there are also lots of other activities to enjoy such as the Underwater World Aquarium, The Morning Market Dededo, Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise, Taotao Tasi The Beach Dinner Show and many more activities, some include:

  • Magic shows
  • Festivals
  • Fiestas
  • Water Parks
  • Spas
  • Carnivals
  • Feasts
  • Parties
  • Concerts
  • Fireworks
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2. The Weather


The weather in Guam is pretty much always the same, beautiful hot sunny days hitting the 80 degrees mark or a bit higher with the humidity. They do have a wet season but either than that there are never-ending sunny days for the taking. There isn’t typical winter weather there so no worries of snow or cold frigid days. The lowest temperature the island may reach is maybe around the 70 degrees point but even then it's still sunny and warm. 

Many residents enjoy the wonderful days at the beach or embarking on their favorite activities in the outdoors, whichever is chosen the weather is generally always on their side. People who live and work in Guam consider themselves happy and lucky to be able to enjoy such views and weather all year round.

Palm Trees

3. The Real Estate


When thinking of moving to Guam it is a good idea to investigate the villages to pick which one is best suited to your needs. There are in total nineteen villages all together that make up Guam, each of them has its own history, culture and art. The villages include:

With all of these villages to choose from they each have their own unique history and culture, the villages are generally fairly small as the overall population of Guam is roughly 168,783 people, so each village is one where everyone knows everybody.

For prices of homes the general range is roughly $340,000 - $750,000, this all depends on which area you live in and what your price range is. Some of the homes can cost into the millions but it all depends on what you're looking for when considering moving and what best suits your needs. Overall a home is fairly affordable in Guam for someone to purchase.

Coastal Town

4. The History, Culture and Arts


Guam has a long history dating as far back as the 1500s, a lot has happened to the small island over its lifespan. Guam was a part of World War Two when the Japanese forces took it over in 1941 but then allied forces took Guam back in 1944. Since then Guam is still a major spot for U.S. naval and air bases, roughly a third of Guam is possessed by the U.S. armed forces.

The culture of Guam is incredibly diverse, some of their cultures has changed with the territory developing and changing but their folk arts and handicrafts have made a big comeback as of late. 

You can learn so much about their history, culture and art all through the museums. Some of the museums are Guam Pacific War Museum, Guam Museum and the Isla Center for the Arts. You can learn a lot about Guam through these places that are a definite must to check out if you're planning to

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5. The People


The people of Guam are generally very happy and welcoming people. The Chamorro people are about 40% of the population, Chamorro is the name for the native people of Guam. With the natives and the rest of the communities being so accepting towards newcomers it is a good idea to befriend people to make your move easier. 

Along with befriending locals, it is good to also ask them about jobs in the area if you don't have one already set up and what kinds of things the locals enjoy doing. The people of Guam enjoy festivals and celebrations of their culture and holidays. It is great for residents or future residents to be involved to see the community they will be living in.

One of the celebrations is Liberation Day which lasts around a week and is full of events such as concerts, carnivals, festivals and more. The Coconut Festival is also an important celebration for the people of Guam as it celebrates St. Joseph for three days with a mass feast. Lastly, the Chamorro Lunar Calendar Festival which celebrates the Chamorro people and the main goal is to teach the people who live in Guam and tourists all about the culture of the locals.

These festivals and celebrations are for all to enjoy and be a part of, they are great ways to learn about the people of the island and how to be involved in the community and culture. The people of Guam are very happy and generally always accepting of those that want to join their culture.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, Guam is a wonderful place to move to, with beautiful weather, lovely locals, gorgeous homes and more. It has everything someone could want out of a tropical paradise to call home. This list should hopefully help you decide why you should move to Guam and what to expect once you get there.

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