Top 5 Korean Restaurants in Guam

Guam is a place known for its diverse food scene, and among some of the best cuisine you will find on the island is the Korean food that is offered here. The Korean population in Guam has been steadily growing over the last decade and with this growth, there has been a surge in the amount of authentic Korean restaurants. 


Korean cuisine evolved through years of social and political changes and is largely based on rice, vegetables, seafood, and meat. As rice was very expensive when it first came to Korea, the grain was often mixed with other grains to make the rice go further and can still be seen in dishes today such as boribap (rice with barley) and kongbap (rice with beans). 


Unlike Western coursed meals (think appetizer, entree, dessert), Korean food has only main and side dishes, although most restaurants these days offer appetizers and desserts as well. Traditional Korean food consists of five main colors— green, red, yellow, white, and black and each of the colors signifies a direction, a natural element, and a health benefit. Korean food also consists of many different spices, so if you’re a fan of spicy food and healthy food, then you just might be a fan of Korean food. 




Koreans love fermented and salted side dishes like kimchi, a popular spicy fermented cabbage recipe that’s made up of a variety of vegetables. If you’ve ever been to a Korean restaurant before, then chances are you’ve probably seen the assortment of small side dishes served beside the mouth-watering grilled meats. Collectively called banchan, Korean side dishes can also be enjoyed with just a bowl of rice or two!


For those who want to try out Korean Cuisine and don’t know where to begin, here is a list of the top 5 Korean restaurants in Guam that you should try!


1. Sejong Restaurant

Sejong Restaurant

South Marine Corps Dr, Tamuning, Guam

(671) 649-5556


As mentioned above, Guam has a sizable Korean migrant population, and the island is also a popular vacation spot for Korean tourists. If you have a hankering for some authentic Korean food, then Sejong Korean Restaurant is the place to go. It’s tucked away in a corner off Marine Corps Drive in Tamuning right next to the K-Mart, but don’t let its undistinguished location fool you. The restaurant is a popular lunch spot known for its quick service and reasonable prices with attentive waitstaff that will assist you with grilling and prepping your meal.


There is a wide selection of dishes available to order, with some of the most popular choices being the short ribs, the bulgogi beef, and the kalbi. People who come here also rave about the dolsot (hot stone) bibimbap which is a rice dish that is served in a sizzling hot stone bowl and adds a delicious crunchy layer of rice at the bottom of the pot.




The interior of this restaurant is simply designed and features tables that have a grill located in the center for a Korean barbecue style of cooking. There is nothing better than barbequing your own meat right at the dinner table so you can prepare it to your liking. For those who don't know, Korean barbecue is a way of roasting beef, pork, chicken or even duck or seafood that is often prepared at the diner’s table on built-in gas or charcoal grills. 


For those who wish to dine at Sejong with a larger party, Kotatsu type Japanese-style rooms and party rooms are also available. 


2. Cho Won Korean Restaurant

Cho Won Korean Restaurant

267 Chalan San Antonio St, Monticello Plaza #108, Tamuning, Guam

(671) 646-3269


Cho Won is the perfect spot for those looking for a home-style Korean dining experience. It has a bright, relaxing ambiance and is usually filled with Korean customers, so you know you are getting the real deal when you are eating here.


The inside of this restaurant is simple, but very clean, and has large tables that can easily fit all of the banchan that is served here. All of the tables are set up with a good sized grill in the center making it easy to grill the meat or seafood you have ordered. The dishes that can be found here are truly authentic, with adventurous options such as grilled beef intestine, pork belly, and whole fried fish, as well as safer options like marinated short ribs, brisket, and stir-fried spicy pork. 


Korean Short Ribs


If you are feeling the effects of a cold or flu, the Kalbi Soup with Egg is a great choice to warm your insides and soothe your throat. It comes with rice and banchan on the side and is made with a rich beef broth that is created from simmering the beef bones over an extended period of time. This hearty soup contains morsels of tender beef still clinging onto small rib bones and is delicious to the last bite! If you want a spicier soup, try the Spicy Beef Soup with Egg. 


One of the things that customers love most about Cho Won is that the banchan is free to refill and that the price you pay for the quality you receive is a great deal!


3. Jin Mi

Jin Mi

Route 16, Barrigada, Guam

(671) 637-4398


Koreans would consider a good meal to be one with so many side dishes that it looks like the table leg will break under the weight of all those dishes. 


A well rounded banchan will include fermented kimchi, cured seafood, quick-blanched veggies mixed with sesame oil, bubbling soybean and tofu soup, savory onion or veggie pancakes, seasoned and grilled meats, sauces, fresh leaves, grilled fish and much more. At Jin Mi, you may not find the traditional grill at the table, but you will be delighted with the banchan this restaurant serves up. 


The menu is large with a variety of beef, pork and seafood dishes, along with Korean soups and rice dishes, including the famous bibimbap dish that has the option of being ordered in a hot stone pot. The kalbi is among one of the most popular dishes you will find here and the portion size at Jin Mi is very generous. Many people that order this dish will share it amongst the table in a family-style way of dining. 


This restaurant gets busy fairly quickly at lunch and dinner, and has limited parking available, so if you’re planning to dine here, it is best to show up early to ensure you find a parking spot. Another option is to walk or take a cab to get here, which is very easy to do considering the island is such a small place. 


As this restaurant doesn’t have a website with posted hours, it is worth mentioning that Jin Mi is open Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and on Sundays from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.


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4. Uri Jip Korean Restaurant

Uri Jip Korean Restaurant

167 Serenu Ave, Tamuning, Guam

(671) 647-3777


Uri Jip has long been a preferred destination for those who are looking for an unpretentious, home-style Korean dining experience. Uri Jip is not as fancy as some of the Tumon establishments that cater to tourists. Uri Jip is a popular local eatery and has arguably one of the best beef kalbi dishes in Guam. This is complemented by what many customers consider among the better banchan selections of pickled marinated vegetables and kimchi. 


Pickled Vegetables


The name “Uri Jip” means “our home” in Korean and is a family-run business owned and operated by the Chang family. They take enormous pride in the quality of their food – when you come here, it feels as if you’re being invited and welcomed into their home.


When you go at night, be sure to watch the Korean TV channel which really helps to create the homey ambiance. You can usually catch the soap operas and dramas that are often playing and they are quite engaging, even if you don’t speak the language.


Mama Chang is always there along with her husband, Papa Chang, and they usually are relaxing at a table with some of their friends. As mentioned earlier, many people who come here have said that it feels like you’re dropping by their home for dinner. 


Next time you’re looking for some great Korean food, stop by Urijip for a glass of soju spirits and indulge in a wonderful Korean flavor adventure!


5. Mi-Dahm Restaurant

Mi-Dahm Restaurant

1023 Marine Corps Dr, Tamuning, Guam

(671) 646-9292


“Mi-Dahm” is a Korean phrase that means to talk about food, which is something you will undoubtedly be doing once you start eating here!


Mi-Dahm Restaurant is clean and spacious with a comfortable, reassuring ambiance. There are partitions between the tables which gives diners some privacy from the tables set beside them. On one side of the restaurant, you will find tables set beside large bay windows that have an astonishing view of Tumon.


Although the majority of Korean restaurants on Guam are small, family-owned businesses, very few are owned and operated by a chef. This is probably one of the key distinctions that elevates Mi-Dahm above some of the smaller Korean restaurants that may have some very good food. When you view the menu at Mi-Dahm and observe how their food is presented, you can see the professionalism and expertise involved. Chef Seung Chol Jang will occasionally walk through the dining room greeting customers, while his wife, Eun Sun Park, oversees the front of the house.


Mi-Dahm Restaurant has advanced new barbecue grills built into their tables which have special heat deflectors that can cook the meat without flare ups and heavy smoke. 


Korean BBQ


The food here is best enjoyed family-style (several dishes that are ordered to be shared amongst everyone) but diners can also choose to order a variety of meats to be grilled at the table, including beef ribs, marinated grilled beef, and beef brisket. 


The menu includes a wide selection of beef and pork cuts (belly, ribs, and pork neck), as well as salads (tofu salad), noodle dishes (including cold buckwheat noodles and spicy buckwheat mixed noodles), hot soups, bibimbap, and hot pots. Additionally, the banchan is always served fresh and offers a great selection of sides to pair with your meat and rice dishes.


Mi-Dahm is open seven days a week and serves lunch and dinner, staying open until 10 p.m.


The food of Korea is as diverse as the culture and exploring their food is the most flavorful way to learn the language, customs, and all about the people who live in Korea. The best part of being on Guam is that you don’t even have to leave the island to learn about this great culture and all the wonderful food creations they have to offer. So, next time you’re not sure of what to eat and want to try out something new and delicious, head to one of these stellar restaurants to fill up on some amazing Korean food!


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