Top Rated Guam

Guam, the U.S territory in Micronesia, is known for its breathtaking beaches full of white sand and crystal clear waters. The area is full of rich history and Chamorro culture as well as a number of fun filled activities to do for all.

Here are the 11 top-rated things to do in Guam. 

Ypao Beach Park 

A local favorite and true beauty is the Ypao Beach. When arriving, you will be surrounded by a sandy beach stretch and breathtaking crystal clear waters. A great spot for everyone; pack a picnic to be had in the grassy areas, while the kids enjoy themselves on the great play equipment located on the beach. After the kiddos have played in the heat, everyone can cool off in the gorgeous water. There are also bathrooms and showers to be used by the patrons of the beach. 

Not only is this beach made for swimming and relaxing, it is a great place to see coral and the plethora of stunning fish while snorkeling. Some of the amazing coral reef fish of Guam include the popular anemonefish, the angelfish, the snapper and more. 

Tagada Amusement Park

This no entrance fee amusement is located between the Bayview Hotel and the Pacific Place. It is fun for the whole family and if you are a tourist it is a must see attraction. The Tagada has 4 attractions to be experienced which include The Rodeo, Bumper Cars, The Viking Ship, The Taga Disco. 

The Rodeo- Jump on the mechanical bull, if you dare. This bull will spin and buck you around just as if the rider was on a real bull so hold on tight and see who can hold on the longest within the group!


The Bumper Cars- This classic ride that is fun for friends and family is the classic bumper car attraction that is found at most amusement parks. Hop in and have fun and enjoy the memories you are making at the moment. 

The Viking Ship- Made for thrill seekers, going back and forth in the air steadily going higher and higher. Riders also get to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and lights of the night in Guam.

The Taga Disco- This ride will bounce you and spin you but the most exciting and thrilling part about this ride is there are no seatbelts! Do you dare to try? 

Tagada Amusement park also offers private books for events such as graduation, birthday, bachelorette parties and more. They even offer limousine services!


Chamorro Village

The Chamorro people are the Indigenous people of Guam. Some of their values include:

  • Akseptasion- Willingness to accept and understand qualities in others
  • Mana’ayuda- To assist, to help
  • Mina’tatnga- Courage; to stand strong for beliefs and do what is right even when others disagree
  • Respetu- To show respect to others, affirmation and honor
  • Hulat maisa- to conquer oneself; to have self-control; work hard to control your thoughts, to watch one’s own behavior. 

They eat traditional dishes such as Fina Denne, Empanada, Lincehen Birenghenas and more. 

The Chamorro people's music is a part of their rich culture in which they perform using traditional instruments such as the belembaotuyan which is made from hollow gourd and then strung with a taut wire. It is then pressed against a person's stomach that is free from clothing which creates a melodic sound that can be enjoyed by many. Contemporary music has been an important element of their social gatherings such as fiestas, and backyard parties. 

The traditional arts of their culture include master weavers who make fashion baskets, purses, hats, floor mats and more while carvers hew tables, plaques, figurines and more. 

While strolling through this culture rich village, people will find items and dishes such as the ones above . Patrons can enjoy a performance of cultural music and dance while also enjoying a breathtaking sunset and look out to see the stunning crystal clear ocean. 

Underwater World

This unique aquarium is submerged under 14 feet of water. When you step inside you will be in a 7 by 7 acrylic tunnel where you can come nose to nose with sharks, barracudas and other magnificent sea life. Visitors will be up close and personal with the jellyfish when they travel up to the second level of this aquarium. You can’t help but gravitate towards the beautiful jellyfish as they dance silently and beautifully; it has almost a tranquil effect on us humans. 

Other exhibits include the Moray Eels who are accompanied by other species. Octopus, live coral, puffer fish, sea horses and porcupine are just a few of the other exotic species to be seen along with the moray eels. 

Underwater world offers its guest thrilling activities that include SeaTrek and Diving with the Sharks. 

Underwater World

SeaTrek- no experience needed for this stroll through the aquarium. Guests get to experience the thrill of the ocean without having to dive or swim, making it ideal for non swimmers, or anyone who isn’t ready to be that close with the sea life just yet. Immerse yourself into the underwater realm as you climb the ladder and walk the ocean floor. As you experience this unique activity, beautiful sea life will be swimming around you, making it an experience that one will never forget. 

Dive with the Sharks- Just as the title says, join the sharks when you dive down under; participants must be open watered certified. There are hundreds of aquatic species to be seen when diving that include rays, sea turtles, groupers and more!

More offerings at Underworld Water include a number of dining options. One dining experience is to dine under the stars where patrons can enjoy their mouth watering four course dinner while they watch the breathtaking sea life living around them. 

Located on the 4th floor is the sky lounge. Guests enjoying their tasty meal can enjoy the stunning view of downtown Tumon as well as look at the ocean. Patrons can also sip on their favorite beverage while watching a gorgeous sunset from the sky lounge dining area. Whether you are there to watch a sunset with your partner, or just enjoy the view of the ocean during dinner, the sky lounge is a great choice of dining. 

More dining options include their Sea Grill, Rooftop Beer Garden, High Tide @ UWW, Splash Bar & Cafe and Tail of the Whale. 

Puntan Dos Amantes

This is a favorite for tourists and has more visitors each year than any other attraction in Guam. People can enjoy a breathtaking view when looking down at the reef from 368 feet above. More than just a place to look down at the stunning reef, guests can also enjoy a number of attractions.

Heart Lock Wall- Here couples can purchase a lock and place it on a fence which is full of thousands of colorful heart locks. 

Lookout Point- This is where visitors can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Phillipine Sea and reef that edges Tuman Bay. While looking beyond you can see dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and more travelling along the crystal clear ocean that they call home.

The Love Bell- This unique bell is full of rich history and culture. People come and ring this bell from all around the world to celebrate love and gain good luck. The creation of this bell was first to signify the sister city relationship between Guam and Izu.  

Natural Cavern- Guam is made up of two regions, the South region which is made up of volcanic, mountainous and clay soil. The other half is the North region which is up on a plateau of limestone which was created by eons of coral reef growth and plate tectonics. Here visitors will see the aftermath of the annual rainfall that accumulates over 100 inches of water that seeps into the porous limestone which forms freshwater lenses on the top of the seawater. 

9-11 Memorial- Tourists and residents can come pay respects and reflect back on this tragic day many of us remember. 

Fish Eye Marine Park 

This attraction can be enjoyed day or night, on land or in the sea; they have an option for everyone. Located on the stunning waters is the underwater observatory. Guests can descend 72 steps down and enjoy the gorgeous views of the coral and fish that live undersea. Visitors of almost all ages can take a dive into the waters and swim with the beautiful fish and explore the coral. Some of the fish that can be seen while visiting the underwater observatory include barracuda, schools of needlefish, bluefin trevally, blacktip sharks, stingrays and more. 

Fish Eye Marine Park

The west side of the observatory can be surrounded by the many fish that stay near the corals. This has now become the “fish cleaning station” as guests can watch the fish waiting their turn to have their bodies cleansed by the coral or rock. The coral and rock eat the parasites and other body waste of the fish. A very popular sight to be seen is the anemonefish living in the sea anemone; in other words, watching Nemo.  There are a plethora of species to be seen while visiting the underwater observatory, whether you are inside or out. 

There is also the visitors center which is above the water and across the street from the observatory. Guests can enjoy a nice meal, take pictures and buy souvenirs. They also offer dolphin watching cruises for all to enjoy. 

Another popular activity offered by the Fish Eye Marine Park is their sunset cruise where guests can enjoy the ocean breeze while sipping on their tasty beverage as they watch the sunset. There are also appetizers and live shows to be enjoyed while taking the sunset cruise. 


Ague Cove 

This is a great spot for people to take a hike and enjoy the beautiful scenic views of Guam. If you can hike the 200 feet you will be rewarded with some of the best views as mentioned. Hikers like to stop and enjoy a swim in the Guam waters. However, it is important to note this shouldn’t be done by just anyone. If there are people that plan on going into the water, be safe. There are pounding waves and undertows, can’t forget the razor-sharp coral!

It is a great hike with rewarding views and activity, but remember there is a hike back up the 200 feet trail. Experienced hikers should be okay, but pack water and take breaks when needed. Always bring a device that will be able to send out a help signal if needed.

Guam Ocean Adventures

Guam Ocean Adventures

Guam Ocean Adventures offers a number of attractions for its guests. There is Dolphin watching where guests will see an abundance of wild spinner dolphins. Anyone over the age of 4 can enjoy a snorkeling tour guided by experienced professionals. Guests can enjoy the beautiful Green sea turtles and other pristine coral reefs and tropical fish. 

Join others at the private beach Apra Harbor for a snorkel and paddleboard adventure. Enjoying the waters on a paddleboard is a great way to enjoy the ocean views, and once the trip is finished, you are off to snorkel away from the crowds to enjoy some of the best ocean life in Guam. 

More activities include a number of diving adventures such as the beginners diving lesson, freedom diving, experienced scuba diving and more. For those looking for an intimate adventure with close-ups of the gorgeous coral and tropical fish, visiting Guam Ocean Adventures is a must. 

Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise

Visitors can cruise along the river Talofofo and River Ugum where they can see the local flora and fauna. During the cruise, visit the Chamorro village to see crafts, caves and more. A great cruise where non-residents can learn about the rich and historical culture of the Chamorro people and enjoy scenic views. 

Coco Palm Garden Beach 

Coco Palm Garden Beach

For those looking for privacy, Coco Palm offers just that; A private beach with serenity, breathtaking views, beach activities and more. Start the day off with kayaking, snorkeling, beach volleyball, or take a hike to see all that the beach has to offer. Once finished, lay on the relaxing beach with a tasty beverage on the white sand while looking out at the crystal clear waters of the Ocean in Guam. 

Guam Premier Outlets

Almost everyone likes to shop, especially if they are visiting a new country, town or city. Stores offered at Guam Premier Outlets include Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Enjoy a tasty lunch at one of the restaurants. Visitors can even end their day with a movie in their movie theater that offers 14 different screening rooms. 

Whether you are looking for a water adventure, to relax on a beautiful beach or enjoy a nice dinner after a day full of shopping, Guam can offer it all. 

Enjoy your next adventure!


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