Top 8 Villages To Live In Guam

Guam is home to beautiful beaches, lush greenery, rolling hills, and idealistic island life. Many people move to Guam for work and play but stay for the incredible lifestyle and scenery. If you’re looking to move to Guam, choosing your next home can be an adventure. Finding a village that will meet all your needs is crucial. 

The top eight villages to live in Guam include: 

  1. Dededo
  2. Barrigada
  3. Tamuning
  4. Talofofo
  5. Inarajan
  6. Mangilao
  7. Sinajana
  8. Agana


Dededo is the most populated village on the island of Guam. If you love the city lifestyle, your ideal village would be Dededo. Many military families call this community home, and it can be quite affordable for many people. With the Andersen Air Force Base and the Naval base located nearby, the most significant demographic is young military families. 

With a large population, Dededo residents have access to some of the best amenities on the island. There’s plenty to see and do in Dededo, regardless of your lifestyle. If you love to shop, you have quick access to the Micronesia Mall, which includes over 130 shops, a vast food court, an indoor amusement park, and movie theaters. 

Outdoor enthusiasts can go for hikes, swim in the ocean, fish, or visit the Guam National Wildlife Refuge. Each subdivision has a park or green space nearby, so it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. School-aged children are close to excellent schools in Dededo. Since Dededo has a large tourism industry, residents get the best of Guam. 

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Family Swimming in Ocean


Located in Central Guam, Barrigada is the ideal place for families. With a population of around 9,000 residents, the village is an affluent community in the heart of all the action on Guam. 

The community is primarily residential, with a few amenities that residents love. Barrigada residents can easily work outside the community, as it’s only around 20 minutes to the business districts or the Air force and Navy bases. Downtown Tamuning and Dededo are only about ten minutes away.  

One of the best parts of life in Barrigada is the views. The community has a higher altitude, so there are some incredible views from all over the area. 

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Views of Guam


If you’re a working professional, Tamuning is a great village to consider when moving to Guam. Located on the western shore, Tamuning is the economic center of Guam. It features the Harmon Industrial Park, the tourist district, and many outstanding businesses that make this area very busy all the time. The only government-operated hospital, the airport, and many corporate headquarters call Tamuning home. The United Airlines HQ is one of the island’s largest employers, offering around 1,400 jobs. 

The village is extremely diverse, and it has five different consulates within its boundaries. Residents can kick back, relax and enjoy some retail therapy. Shoppers can find luxury brands, locally-owned shops, and thrift stores, so there’s something for everyone. There are many locally-owned restaurants, fast food chains, popular and familiar names like the Outback Steakhouse, TGIFridays, Planet Hollywood, and the Hard Rock Cafe. 

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If you like to be far away from city life and want to live in serene solitude, Talofofo is the place for you. Nicknamed “God’s Country,” Talofofo has so much natural beauty to enjoy. Located on the southern part of the island, there’s a lot of hiking options, including the Talofofo Caves hike, the Talofofo Bay, and so much more. Residents are around 30 minutes from work or amenities.  Talofofo has a number of vacant lots on the market and new constructions for those who want to develop their dream home. 

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Home Construction


If you’re looking to retire and relocate to a tropical paradise, Inarajan is the community that you should consider. With a small population of under 3,000 residents, it’s an ideal place for those who want to relax. 

This community is filled with culture and has a strong Spanish influence with plenty of history. Inarajan is a small and quiet village on the shore. It has very little traffic, not a lot of commercial development, and it’s perfect for those who crave a serene and tranquil lifestyle on their own terms. Being surrounded by the incredible ocean, lush greenery, tropical forests, and natural wonders do wonderful things for the soul. Shopping and amenities are a bit of a drive, but it’s worth it for those who call Inarajan home. 

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Tucked into the eastern shore of the Island, Mangilao is a beautiful village of 15,000 residents. With incredible views of the ocean and Pago Bay, Mangilao boasts a lot of beauty. The village is one of the major agricultural areas on the island, with the main crops being beans, peppers, tomatoes, tapioca, cassava, mongo beans, and corn. 

The main demographic is students and working professionals. The village is known for being the capital of education due to the amazing educational opportunities offered here. The Guam Community College, The University of Guam, and the Pacific Islands Bible College are all located in Mangilao. The area attracts students every single year, so many choose to live as close to campus as possible. 

There are many amenities in the area, including everyday conveniences, so residents are never far away from groceries, pharmacies, and other needs. Mangilao is an excellent place for those who love the outdoors, as there’s ample recreation to enjoy. There are many football games held at Eagle field, which is also used for sky diving, golf courses, beaches, hiking trails, and so much more. 

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Beach in Guam


Sinajana is an ideal village for young families or those planning on raising a family. The island’s capital, Hagatna, is next door, so you’re close to all the amenities and everyday conveniences like shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. However, residents of Sinajana are more removed from the city life, so there’s plenty of peace and quiet to go around. There are great schools in the area, and the Sinjana Community Center has sports and fitness facilities to enjoy. 

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Centrally located on the island’s west side, Agana is the capital of Guam. It’s often called by its traditional name of Hagatna. They can be used interchangeably, even though in 1988, it was officially changed to Hagatna. 

Only about 4,000 residents call Agana home, making it the island’s second smallest village. In the past, it was the hot spot on the island, but today it’s the second-largest business district and the center of politics. There are plenty of job opportunities in the area, including corporate, retail, and restaurant jobs. 

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If you’re considering moving to Guam, these are just some of the great communities that fit the needs of many different lifestyles. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a beautiful Guam home in a village that you’ll love. 

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